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Contoh kiraan dividen dan bonus ASB

Salam sejahtera, berikut adalah artikel yang diambil dari

.iaitu mengenai cara pengiraan dividen dan bonus ASB.
Contoh pengiraan dividen dan bonus, dengan dua kes yang berbeza:

Kadar dividen 2006 = 7.3%
Kadar Bonus 2006 = 1.25%

Kes 1: Melabur RM10,000 pada 6 Jan 2006 (baki minima adalah baki minima selepas 7hb), berapakah hasil pendapatan pada tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Disember 2006.

Jumlah baki minima bulan Jan - Dis 2006 (Semuanya RM10,000) = 12 * 10000
Dividen = 120000/12 * 7.3% = 730

Jumlah baki minima bulan Jan 1997 - Dis 2006 = 12 * 10000
(Baki minima sebelum Jan 2006 adalah kosong)
Bonus = 120000/120 * 1.25% = 12.50

Jumlah Pendapatan = 730 + 12.50 = 742.50
Jumlah Baki Simpanan = 10000 + 742.50 = RM10742.50

Maka kadar pendapatan sebenar untuk tempoh Jan - Dis 2006 adalah =
((10742.50/10000) - 1) x 100 = 7.425%

Kes 2: Melabur RM1,000 pada awal setiap bulan daripada Jan hingga Dis 2006, jadi jumlah pelaburan adalah RM12,000.

Jumlah baki minima bulan Jan - Dis 2006 =
1000 + 2000 + 3000 + … + 10000 + 11000 + 12000 = 78000
Dividen = 78000/12 * 7.3% = 474.50

Jumlah baki minima bulan Jan 1997 - Dis 2006 = 78000
(Sama dengan baki minima dividen di atas, kerana baki minima sebelum 2006 adalah 0)
Bonus = 78000/120 * 1.25% = 8.125

Jumlah Pendapatan = 474.50 + 8.125 = 482.625
Jumlah Baki Simpanan = 12000 + 482.625 = RM12482.625

Maka kadar pendapatan sebenar untuk tempoh Jan - Dis 2006 adalah =
((12482.625/12000) - 1) x 100 = 4.022%

Setelah memperoleh kadar pulangan sebenar, bolehlah anda membuat pengiraan untuk jumlah simpanan yang berbeza. Contohya, jika dalam kes 1 anda menyimpan RM12,000, maka pulangannya adalah 12000 * 7.425%. Jika dalam kes 2 anda menyimpan RM300 setiap bulan, maka pulangannya adalah 23400 * 4.022% (300 + 600 + … + 3300 + 3600). Perhatikan kes 1 lebih mudah untuk membuat pengiraan.

Kesimpulannya, jika anda mampu masukkan saja semua bonus gaji yang anda terima pada setiap hujung tahun dalam ASB untuk mendapat kadar pulangan yang lebih baik. Kalau tak dapat juga, barulah simpan secara ansuran setiap bulan, pulangannya mungkin kurang untuk tahun pertama, tetapi tahun kedua pulangannya akan lebih baik. Bonus pula akan memberi manfaat lebih banyak kepada pelabur yang tidak mengusik simpanan mereka sejak 10 tahun yang lalu.


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Investment tools

Today, Im gladly to share my investment tools for all u guys. Actually, this tools is a simple investment calculator, but somehow the gud thing is if u want to know the money that you invest in any unit trust or ASB/ASW/ or whatever in certain years. Therefore, this software absolutely suitable for you. You can either manage or plan ur investment money to some certain of time. InvCalc is a free software that u can use and distribute it. Here're some screenshot that you can see from it.

U can download it from

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sharing 3G internet Connection....What' a remarkable discovery!!!

Salam and may Allah bless you. First and foremost, thank God as He is giving me the strengh and hidayah to mylife until today. He has given me opportunity to explore and discover thing that i never discover before. Recently, i have a remarkable discovery where, i manage to share 3G Celcom internet connection to another PC (i mean is 3 PCs). Eventough i never thought before but coz of my determination and hope finally i successfully setup a new way of internet connection can be done. Talking theoritical doesnt mean that you can do it. unless you implement the theory in the real world situation. This idea across my mind when i was having a Seminar on ECER in INTIM, Kemaman, Terengganu. Due to plenty of IT equitment during that time has encourage me to think other alternative/solution to connect internet. By the way the following is link for ur reference:

Technically, what i can say is, the problem is i have a 3G CELCOM connection plugins to my laptop. and at the same time, my friends wanted to connect internet using my 3G CELCOM. Therefore, my idea is to make my laptop to be an AP so that the rest of my friends can connect to me.

+---------------------+ AP
+---------------------+ ========> Share internet (MY FRIENDS' LAPTOP)

In my situation, my laptop is using window VISTA. the way to connect is, u have to setup OR tick on 3G network as "USE THIS PC AS ALLOW OTHER PC TO CONNECT INTERNET"